Awaken Pre-Workout
Awaken Pre-Workout

Awaken Pre-Workout

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Awaken Pre-Workout delivers clean energy, greater focus, and expanded endurance without the unwanted crash of other pre-workout supplements.

You deserve more than the jitters and crash from your pre-workout. Whether you’re training for your next run or suiting up for your next long swim Awaken Pre-workout is the key to the enhanced focus you need for taking your active lifestyle to a whole new dimension.

With the refreshing combination of sweet strawberries and tart kiwis, you’ll enjoy the flavor of an endless summer no matter the season.


  • Alpha GPC Choline - Promotes endurance and increases focus.
  • ActiGin - Supports reduction of inflammation for faster recovery.
  • Beetroot Extract - Improves blood flow and nutrient delivery for explosive workouts.
  • Caffeine - Increases endurance, alertness, and lowers the perception of effort.
  • PeakATP - Enhances strength, improves blood flow, and reduces fatigue.
  • PeakO2 - Improves oxygen utilization and decreases lactic acid accumulation.

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All tubs contain 20 servings.


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